At Zinnov, we work with clients to help them define their Globalization strategy and work with them with the planning and the execution of that strategy.

We help companies:
Effectively leverage global resources for engineering, IT, Digital and Business Operations for higher throughput for innovation, productivity and cost savings.

Enable companies to focus on new product development and core business processes by finding the best outsource service providers.

Grow revenue for their products and services in emerging markets.




  • Digital SMBs - Powering India into the Future

    Zinnov leveraged insights gathered from 5000+ SMBs over the last year to assess the digital opportunity across geographies and industry verticals.

  • India's Domestic IT Market Landscape - 2015

    Zinnov used multiple levels of analysis backed by various sources of information to estimate the market value of the Indian IT and Cloud Sector.

  • There is no place like home. If you are thinking of moving back, this might be the right time. India wants its engineers

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