Global Service Provider Ratings-2013

19 Sep, 2013
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Key Findings of the Study

  • Overall R&D spending by companies across the world continues to grow at a brisk rate. Top 500 R&D spenders alone have invested close to about 560 Billion USD in R&D
  • R&D globalization continues to be on the rise and India and China are garnering a major share of the engineering services revenues; Over 225 new R&D centers were set up in India in the last 5 years
  • Indian service providers continue to retain the lion’s share of the overall Engineering and R&D outsourcing pie – accounting for about 23% of the overall market
  • Currently the total exports in the Engineering R&D outsourcing segment from India stood at USD 16.3 Billion. However, the growth in the Engineering R&D and outsourcing segment lagged the overall Indian industry growth rate and stood at 10.9%
  • Engineering analytics is a significant opportunity area, with overall spending in this segment set to increase to about 27 Billion USD by 2017 at the rate of 16.5%


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